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The 5 steps to raising awareness

It may go without saying, but we're going to say it anyway: raising awareness of an issue or event takes thoughtful planning, creative execution and ongoing monitoring and measurement to ensure that goals are being met. In simple terms, there are five main steps to such a campaign. Consider the steps to be part of a loop-back process rather than a linear one as monitoring the campaign's effectiveness means looking back at goals, audiences, strategies, etc. and tweaking where needed. 1.  Set your objectives Know what you want to achieve so you'll know when you've been successful. Set the objectives against which your efforts will be measured. These can be both qualitative and quantitative. Is there an action you want people to take? Is there a prevailing attitude that you  wish to change? Objectives may be set out in phases to allow you to determine if changes to strategy and tactics are needed. You will also want to identify any benchmarks that exist or w