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Dressing for the camera

One of the most common questions I am asked is how to dress for on-camera interviews. With these tips, your attire is one less thing for you to worry about.  It's good to remember that your goal is to dress in a way that doesn't distract from the information you are sharing.   With that, here are a few tips. Dress appropriately for the situation. If the interview is happening in the field, you'll look silly in a suit. Avoid hot colours. This includes red, hot pink or orange. The colours will reflect up to your face and may you look warm. Avoid white. The lights will reflect and wash out your face. A small bit of any of these colours under a sweater or blazer is fine. Blue works on all skin tones. Avoid shiny, sparkly fabrics unless you really want to look like a Christmas tree. Avoid strong geometric patterned clothes. If you've ever seen clothes that seem to be moving on screen, it's because strong patterns create a moire effect and see

Do your communication efforts need help?

Do your employees know what they're working toward? Do they know how to contribute ideas? Are you giving your customers the best experience they can have? Do they love your business? If your answer is "no," we can help! Contact us for a free, one-hour consultation. Colleen

Dry Stone Festival 2017

We love our clients. Our most entertaining project this month is for the Frontenac Heritage Foundation, sponsors of this year's Dry Stone Festival. Each year, Dry Stone Canada finds a location to restore or build walls, bridges or other structures using the dry stone technique. If you've seen photographs of rural Ireland, you've seen dry stone walls stretching for miles. These walls are build with stone only -- no mortar -- and last for hundreds of years. It's an ancient art that visitors to the festival can observe or actually participate in and learn when they register for a workshop. There's even a free kid's workshop where they too can learn and practice their new dry stone skills. This year's event is being held at St. Mark's Anglican Church in Barriefield Village, Kingston, Ontario on September 30 and October 1. Barriefield residents are taking part by offering other activities as well. There will be walking tours, scheduled tours of S