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Public engagement and senior-level support: Why do you need it & how do you get it?

According to studies from various countries, senior-level support of public participation activities is critical to having the results of that engagement have any impact on final decision-making. Here's a white paper we wrote for the International Association of Public Participation Canada - better known as IAP2 - outlining these findings as well as a case study of one municipality that is successfully engaging both elected and administrative decision-makers in taking public feedback into account. Tell us your experiences with public engagement. Colleen

Down with death-by-powerpoint!

For many good reasons slide presentations have gotten a bad wrap. You've likely suffered through a presenter reading text-heavy slides or glazed over when a presentation is filled with technical terms that you aren't familiar with. Now I know that YOU would never do either of these things, but you might like to ramp-up the impact of the presentations you make. We know that the more senses you engage, the more information your audience members will remember. Here are a few tips to help you do just that. Use lots of relevant visuals. Visuals have more of an emotional impact than words so take advantage of this. You don't have to have words on every page. Sometimes an image is all you need to make your point. Remember that your slide isn't a stand-alone product. You are going to be there to speak to the information. With this in mind, use as few words as possible to make each of your points. If one word will do as a cue, that's all you need. Use more

Top 5 tips for successful media interviews

There is likely nothing more intimidating than being interviewed by a journalist particularly if the topic of the interview is controversial. No one wants to look foolish and become the next social media meme. Here are some strategies to help get your message out. Prepare : Preparation is your friend. Think about what you might be asked. Be sure you have an answer to the tough questions. I can't tell you the number of times during a coaching session I've been told, "Don't ask me that. I don't like that question." If the question is uncomfortable, you can be sure it will be asked. If you are caught off-guard with a phone call from a journalist, asking for an interview, don't feel that you have to respond in the moment. It is perfectly acceptable to arrange a time that is mutually convenient. Even 10 minutes can help you prepare a key message and get any relevant statistics or information. Prepare your key messages : What is the one (maximum thre