As a small company, we understand the challenges of trying to conduct business while having to handle your own communication. There are never enough hours in a day.

Let us help by telling us #1PRthing

Have you ever thought, if only I had someone who could do _________; it would really help? 

We’re offering to do that #1PRthing.

In the coming weeks, we’d like to help a few businesses or nonprofits with one communication-type activity. Because this is offered at no cost, there are a few rules.

  1. It has to be PR/communication related and can include graphic design.
  2. It has to be something that we can finish quickly (i.e. within a few days or weeks.)
  3. We cannot guarantee that we can take on every request but will complete every request we accept at a deadline agreed to by both parties.
  4. Offer will end at a time of our choosing.
  5. Email us a short outline of the work you need (a paragraph or two is sufficient) and the deadline you have in mind. Be sure to include your phone number.
  6. We will respond to all requests within two business days.
  7. Any agreed-upon costs associated with the work, (e.g. buying advertising space) are the responsibility of the client.
Having trouble coming up with ideas? Here are a few suggestions.
  • Setting up a social media account and creating a month of posts. Showing you how to run the account, if required.
  • Creating an ad — print or digital (e.g. Facebook ads or Google ad words). 
  • Creating a branded cover and second page template for presentations.
  • Promoting a special event.
  • Coaching for a presentation or media interview.
  • Creating an email template for a promotional campaign.
  • Writing web content, a news release, a speech, video script or other communication piece.
We're looking forward to working with you!

Please send your emails to colleen@lakeviewpr.com.



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