1 little adjective

We've talked about branding on this blog a number of times. Today, I'd like to tackle it from a different perspective.

We know that people have crummy memories, right? If you tell your kids to do five things, you're lucky if they'll remember two. Whenever you go to the grocery store to pick up a few things, how many times do you return home without the most-needed item?

That's why communication folks say to only have one to three key messages and to repeat them over and over. People will remember very little of what you tell them; I've read that words account for as little as seven per cent of the impact of a presentation, for example.

So, what's the one thing -- the ONE thing -- you want people to remember about you? The one thing you want them to tell others about you?

That you were helpful? Professional? Friendly? Expert? Inspiring?

Have a look at these adjectives. Think of these as a jumping off point and use other words if these don't do it.

Maybe you'd rather focus on how you want your customer to feel after they have connected with you.

Give it some thought. Bounce it around with colleagues, friends and family. It's a difficult exercise, but finding the one word that signifies best what you want to stand for will drive everything you do and that will create a brand to remember.

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